CBSE CLUSTER XVI Volleyball Tournament.

Chain of DIPS Visionaries

S. Gurbachan Singh
The Chairman of the ‘Chain of DIPS Institutions’ S.Gurbachan Singh Ji is the beacon, fro..... Read More
S. Gurbachan Singh , Chairman
 S. Tarvnider Singh
Chain of DIPS Institutions is making persistent and unceasing efforts to achieve excellence in the f..... Read More
S. Tarvnider Singh, Managing Director
 Mrs. Monica Mandotra
My Dear students, At the outset, I wish to thank you for your interest in DIPS Institutions and I..... Read More
Mrs. Monica Mandotra, C.E.O
Mr. Gulshan Gakhar
Chain Of DIPS Institutions welcomes you and bids you to become a noble and productive person of the ..... Read More
Mr. Gulshan Gakhar, Academic Controller

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About Us

DIPS Hariana was founded in 2013 by S. Gurbachan Singh ,Chairman Chain of DIPS Institutions, with the sole intention of imparting services to the society with the hope of structuring ‘ A Better Tomorrow’.   In today’s transcending times, education is a quintessential and highly challenging time for students. Guided by esteemed members and a group of talented as well as dedicated teachers who are constantly innovating, DIPS Hariana works t

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